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Why Buy a Specialty Vehicle at Koppy Motors of Forest Lake?

Cars are more than just a practical means to get from Point A to Point B. Your car is a way to treat yourself, to create a memorable journey, and to unwind from life’s demands. There’s no better way to maximize your time on the road than by driving a specialty vehicle from Koppy Motors of Forest Lake.

What is a specialty vehicle?

A specialty vehicle is any vehicle designed to serve a special purpose — even if that purpose is creating pleasure out of driving. They can be high-end import models, limited-edition models, classic cars, or a custom-built ride used for recreational purposes. They go beyond the utilitarian necessities of most wide-produced, economy-class vehicles. In the end, all that matter is that the vehicle strikes a chord with the driver.

What are examples of specialty vehicles?

At Koppy Motors, you can find a wide variety of specialty vehicles for sale. For example, our dealership has sold units like an old-school GMC Fire Truck, a 1978 Ford Thunderbird, and a 30th anniversary edition of the Dodge Grand Caravan. Depending on our stock and availability, you may be able to find classic roadsters, sports cars, and commercial trucks. You can even find snowmobiles for traveling across the remotest parts of beautiful Minnesota in the winter.
Many specialty vehicles are regular cars that were heavily customized to meet a specific need, like a converted minivan. As a result, these are usually based on commercial truck chassis or vans.

Why purchase a specialty vehicle?

Instead of converting a vehicle to meet your unique needs, you can simply buy a specialty vehicle that already does the job. Alternatively, you can purchase a specialty vehicle because it’s unique and full of character. In our experience, driving a car like a ’78 Thunderbird provides a rush that few modern traditional cars can recreate.
Visit Koppy Motors of Forest Lake to explore out inventory of specialty vehicles, where we’re proud to sell “Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Specialties since 1936.”

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